On the one hand, parents

On the one hand, parentsConversation, performance, expectation, film viewing all disturbing the child can be accompanied by a gryzeniye of nails, especially when the kid bivy, and mother with the father want to see in it yes, overloading intelligence it.

And to these more strengthening a nervous tension of the child, turning everything in a bathing circle.

On the one hand, parents are revolted silly women ache a habit of the preschool child and its termination, its Majesty the Child demand!.

with another the unreasonable claims it.

And all this lays down on fragile shoulders of the child.

Who is right here and who is guiltyAS IT IS NECESSARY to behave to parents with the child having pathological habitsTo try to understand it.

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Be not afraid

Be not afraid If he silently is engaged in the game, you can praise it for that.

that he well plays.

I how many once a day embrace him without any reasons and speak to it as remarkably he behaves is is called as positive practice.

Be not afraid of it to spoil you offer positive compensation for positive command.

Positive look Rule praise behavior which is desirable for you, and you will see it more often.

Ignore that.

that it is not pleasant to you, and manifestations of problem behavior will quickly be reduced in the absence of attention to them.

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Find out, what

Find out, what Know, with what you can safely combine medicine.

For children it is possible to give almost all preparations with a spoon of jam or with something sweet.

However efficiency of drugs of a penicillinic row can go down if to give them with sour juice for example, orange.

Find out, what drinks can use safely for elimination of unpleasant taste of medicine.

Do not give in to a temptation to add drugs in a small bottle with juice or baby food as the child can not exhaust it up to the end.

The majority of preparations can be mixed approximately with ounce ml baby food or chest milk, but taste of drugs will be felt all the same therefore let's to the child wash down it with one more portion of a food.

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On the nd month

On the nd month And mother restores forces after the delivery, starts to come to the senses from constant nedosypaniye; parents get used to a new being in the house.

On the nd month as parents speak, the barrier is taken.

The second month of life is a social debut of the kid, it begins proyav itselfhimself as the personality and as though opens embraces, welcoming people, studies world around widely open eyes, his lips develop in a smile, it becomes more noisy.

Feeling of that understand it, and trust to you, put on the st month, help it to move ahead successfully further in the development.

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Find out, who chose

Find out, who chose What to do in such situation step.

After you discussed a situation with the son, talk to the teacher, learn the version of other party.

If you come across a misunderstanding wall, go to the director of studies, then to the director.

If result zero, write the application in local committee of education.

For violation of teaching ethics to the teacher can declare collecting reprimand or strict reprimand.

Two reprimands are already dismissal.


Find out, who chose your child from children as exercise machine for the leader qualities.

To talk with the small tyrant it is not necessary.

It is better to go to his parents, to describe a situation and to ask to bring to reason their child.

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